The history of the development of the Hydra trading platform began in 2015. Initially, this trading platform was almost invisible and was in the shadow of RAMP – a large shadow marketplace, which successfully bypassed the locks and fought with the authorities.

Historical help – the way of becoming

But, by 2017, the situation has changed dramatically – after a large-scale attack (if it was), the site RAMP just "faded", gradually reducing its activities to nothing, while Hydra continued to actively engage the audience.

For the first time about Hydra Onion seriously talked about in 2017, after the collapse of RAMP – on YouTube came a promotional video Hydra, where experienced SMM-makers in detail and in detail told about the new site Hydra, where you can buy fake documents, drugs, etc. Roller "hung" in the tape 2 days, for which it managed to watch 46,000 people.

Where did the ad go?

YouTube only removed ads after ordinary users complained about the ads. Despite this, the "fishing rod" was abandoned. The fall of RAMP (which was painted as a special operation of the Interior Ministry) did not affect the level of illegal trade in the network. All enterprising sellers simply moved to the Hydra website, where they continue to actively sell their goods and services.

All communication is carried out through the Telegram messenger, which does not "drain" the data of users of the FSB and other structures. This allows you to quietly trade and communicate to sellers and users without fear of excessive attention from the Interior Ministry. Since 2017, customers and sellers from all over the Darknet have literally poured into the Hydra marketplace.

Hydra today

On average, 100-200 thousand people visit the site per day, the number of which regularly grows. To date, the site sells more than 3000 sellers. Today, Hydra is the most successful trading platform, existing for more than 5 years.

Over the years, experts have been able to properly work out the service, interface, the trading platform itself, etc. Anyone can buy weapons, drugs, buy new documents or get a job.

Hydra specialists will always help to understand the complex issues associated with the purchase and sale of goods and are available for communication around the clock.