After the withdrawal from the Russian segment of the shadow Internet marketplace RAMP it became hydra became the largest platform for the sale of prohibited goods and services in the Darknet. This is despite the fact that the store is only a little more than four years old.

Prior to ramp's departure, there was a fierce leadership struggle between the two sites, with hydra developing more efficiently and organically. It is not surprising that after the departure of RAMP it was on the hydra passed most of the stores of the former rival.

How does Hydra work in RB?

If two years ago hydra worked only in Russia, thanks to organic growth it began to enter other CIS markets. And after the "death" ramp this process will only increase. As a result, not only Russian stores, but also platforms from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries began to appear on the layout. As for Belarus, everything is a little more complicated here.

Unlike most other countries of the Union of Independent States, narcotic substances enter the Belarusian market not through Central Asia, but through Europe. Accordingly, these are mainly synthetic substances, and the Belarusian KGB strictly prevents any attempts to sell narcotic substances in Belarus.

What can I buy in Belarus on Hydra?

Through Russian channels, heroin, marijuana and opiates are mainly in Belarus. But marketing in Belarus is a very dangerous business, most of those who live in this country do not risk doing such business.

As for production, the chance that the Belarusian KGB will soon calculate you is quite high. This once again proves the fact that the hydra almost no store from this country.

Therefore, let's say, there is a hydra in Belarus, because with the help of a torus and a VPN or a proxy server, you can always go to the site, see what is sold, evaluate the possibilities of the marketplace, but here to buy something in Belarus you are unlikely to succeed, because there are almost no shops from this country.

Protecting your account in Belarus

If they appear, there is a high probability that this is a provocation of the Belarusian KGB, and therefore it is not necessary to contact such a store. This is understood by the administrators at hydra, so every store from Belarus is at least strictly checked and, judging by the fact that there are almost no stores on the marketplace, they do not pass the check.