The Thor browser became widespread after the Russian government began to actively calculate "unreliable" resources and block them. Many users who want to maintain their Internet independence turned to the Torah because it has open access to all Internet resources, including foreign and banned sites.

TOR and Hydra – the principle of work

Hydra is a large trading platform active in Russia and CIS countries. Tens of thousands of people successfully sell and buy goods on the site. Today it is the largest resource in Europe and Asia, successfully operating for more than 5 years, not paying attention to the constant attacks of the government.

If anyone doubts the Browser Thor, it should be immediately pointed out that this program was originally developed for military purposes and was widely used by intelligence agencies around the world. But as a result of the leak, over time, the services of the browser began to resort to ordinary people. Russian-speaking users will be pleased that Thor is completely Russified and translated into Russian.

TOR browser – pros and cons

Its slow work is due to the fact that the program has to process a huge amount of data and constantly encrypt it. But, this expectation is pleasant, because you can visit a lot of prohibited resources, including the marketplace Hydra, which buys drugs, weapons, fake documents and fake money.

A wide range of goods and services attract the attention of a huge number of people who appreciate anonymity, and here Thor browser acts as a protector of personal data. The "luce" encryption system allows any customer of the store not to fear for the safety of their personal data and to visit those resources that simply can not be found in a simple browser.

Summing up

With the Thor browser opened all the doors of the Darknet, where nothing is impossible! Everything will depend on whether their client is able to pull financially. Hydra and Thor browser – the optimal combination, allowing you to work and enjoy it. If necessary, the user can set Thor "under" and optimize the work of all services.


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