Cooperation with the largest illegal trading platform Hydra is not only a risk, but also a lot of interesting proposals, which are very difficult for interested people to refuse.

What is sold on Hydra?

Here you can buy everything from drugs and psychotropic substances, and ending with weapons, forged documents, etc. Hydra is a unique shadow service that has managed to supplant its main competitors and successfully operate in the market.

Assortment – choose the best

This site presents a variety of products, the most popular among which are drugs. To pass the parcel, traders with Hydra use a variety of methods, among which caches are particularly popular.

This method is simple and at the same time folded for the following reasons:

  • You can't go to a taxi for a hiding place, it is better to have your own cars;
  • In the cache is from 10 packages, which it is desirable to quickly place in "their" area;
  • The cache may be located in the village, but such receipt and delivery of goods can cause a lot of problems.

In the conditional city there are few places where there are no people and outsiders. But even here drug dealers find places where you can hide and hand over the treasure to their couriers. Caches are often organized in the area of collectors, substations near the house, on verandas and heat routes, in parks and squares. Such places have many nooks and crannies, and knowledgeable people who have received coordinates and photos of the place, will be able to easily find and pick up the goods, for later implementation or use.

Collaboration with sellers

It is necessary to specify separately about the responsibility of sellers – deceiving their customers, they risk to get a lifetime ban, and lose access to a unique platform, where you can freely sell prohibited products without fear of persecution by the authorities.

Using modern methods of sale and distribution, traders get a solid profit, and customers – a quality product at a reasonable price. The user may not fear for the safety of their funds and quietly order goods and services selected in the catalog.


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