Hydra is the largest trading platform in Russia and CIS countries, where you can trade and buy goods for which you can be prosecuted. Most Hydra users are encrypted to avoid attracting law enforcement attention by visiting the resource via The Tor Browser.

How to work on Hydra?

Having registered on the Hydra website, many newcomers are interested to know how to trade on the site using a TOR browser, because with the usual payment systems on this site there is nothing to do.

In this case, everything is relatively simple – for settlements with sellers and customers, cryptocurrency is used, which is impossible to track revenues and expenses. This move allowed Hydra to completely hide all the money transfers and receipts of users, which made the site on the Tor browser safe and attractive for the shadow business.

Sales and purchases on Hydra

To start trading or buying through the TOR browser, the user will need to perform the following set of actions:

  • Register a bitcoin account on the official website;
  • Find a proven exchanger and top up the balance of your account, converting it into a cryptocurrency;
  • After that, you will need to top up your account on Hydra, transferring bitcoins to it;
  • When you fill the balance, you just have to choose the seller, the right item and make a purchase.

Trading on the Hydra website through Thor is a convenient and safe enterprise. To make a deal, just go to the seller's store, choose the right amount of goods and quietly click on the "order" button. The seller himself will contact the customer through the messenger, confirm the status of the order and specify the delivery time to the region and the city of the customer.

Summing up

You can sell and buy on Hydra through Thor anything from drugs to counterfeit money. All you need – download the Russian version of the TOR browser, find the site Hydra and quietly buy goods and services, look for work or promote your goods. With a platform like Hydra, everything is possible! If you have questions about trading on Hydra, just ask the operator for help to solve all service problems.

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