Ordering goods on the Hydra marketplace, beginners rarely think about how they will get it. The key problem is that no one will send them by a simple parcel – all products in Hydra stores from the "grey" segment and are aimed at those who do not want to "shine" their activities.

Receiving parcels-ups

Despite the fact that the confidentiality of the customer and the seller on Hydra are secure, no one wants his identity to be disclosed in the transfer of the goods. Merchants resort to couriers, while no one can help the client.

How to properly pick up a parcel?

To transfer the goods from Hydra, couriers make bookmarks such as a dig, magnet, etc. After that, the buyer throws off a photo of the place and goods, and coordinates "delivery." To pick up an order, you need to follow instructions to find it.

The trader with Hydra transfers the goods to the customer under the following scheme:

  • When you receive an order, the merchant contacts the "store manager" in your city;
  • After receiving the order, a courier is sent, who at the derivative point makes a dig, takes pictures of it and safely disguises it;
  • The customer receives the coordinates of the location and photos;
  • The customer needs to get to the place at coordinates, find a cache and open it, having received the goods.

In this situation, everyone remains satisfied, from the seller and courier, successfully preserved their anonymity, and ending with a satisfied customer, who managed to get the desired parcel, without attracting the attention of law enforcement agencies.

Summing up

It should be taken into account that the activities of traders on the Hydra website are illegal, which forces producers and sellers to hide in the shadows. All transactions on Hydra are carried out with the help of cryptocurrencies, which does not allow law enforcement to track all transactions.

After receiving the parcel, the user can thank the seller with a positive assessment and feedback that will allow other customers to treat this supplier more trustingly. It is easy to extract a dig from Hydra – it is enough to follow simple instructions from the seller and behave naturally without attracting attention


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