The Hydra trading platform is a tidbit for scammers and a serious irritant for competitors, which slowly but surely absorbs smaller companies and unites them under their wing.

Hydra – fighting competitors

On Hydra you can buy everything that can not be found in simple stores in the network – drugs, weapons, fake documents, you can ask for a number of services that cross the law.

To weaken the position of the Hydra site, to withdraw customers from there or to arrange a mass leak of information, competitors regularly arrange DDoS attacks on the servers of the site. Such attacks are fraught with consequences, because in the case of hacking, both traders working on the site and customers ordering drugs and other goods can suffer.

In order to prevent the information from being leaked to the public, Hydra specialists work exclusively in the Darknet, using "onion" encryption. Thanks to this protection option, even the most advanced programs and specialists can not find the access point and calculate the IP address of even one client, not to mention hundreds of thousands of users of the resource.

Attempts to hack and prosecute

The second and no less important point – even if the employee of the Interior Ministry will try to register his account and make an order, the maximum that he can do is get the purchased products. The developed order transfer system does not involve a meeting of the courier with the buyer.

The seller sends the goods through the courier, who makes the cache, masks it, sends to the specified address in Telegram coordinates and photos of the cache. At the time of receipt of the goods, the courier will not be in place – thus, his anonymity is protected, and the customer will maintain confidentiality.

Hydra for the ages

It is noteworthy that on average such trading platforms abroad exist for a maximum of 1-1.5 years, while Hydra manages to stay afloat for 5 years, while successfully reflecting constant DDoS attacks aimed at weakening the influence of the marketplace. As years of work have shown, Hydra can and should be trusted. This is an ideal online store where you can buy "illegal goods" at an attractive price.