A stash or bookmark on Hydra is a way of transferring "goods" to a customer who has made a purchase on the largest trading platform of the Darknet in Russia and CIS countries. Despite the simplicity and primitiveness of the method, it really works and allows the customer to purchase the product without contacting the seller.

Caches on Hydra – principles of search

The cache can be tricky or a simple bundle pressed by bricks lying in the park. In order not to suffer in search of goods, the seller, as soon as the cache will be organized, throws in Telegram client coordinates of the place and a photo of the cache. This allows you to quickly find the desired product, without the risk of getting caught by law enforcement.

What do you need to know when searching?

When looking for a stash organized after shopping on Hydra, it is recommended to take a number of precautions:

  • It is better to look for a hiding place not one, but with 1-2 friends, for security reasons;
  • Before "blowing up" the cache, it is recommended to look closely and identify suspicious persons who may be intruders or police officers;
  • It is worth buying the product only from proven sellers – reviews and detailed information about the seller can be gleaned directly on the Hydra website.

Recently, there have been more cases when young strong people are waiting for a buyer on the spot, who by violent actions "knock out" information from the client, with a login and password from Hydra. This allows them to get all the money from the user's account, and at the same time not to catch the eye of law enforcement.

Additional Information

If you find yourself in a similar situation with the caches, you should contact the seller and the administration of Hydra. The received claim will be considered and if the words of the deceived buyer are confirmed, the seller may lose his trading place on the site forever. Usually, treasure hunters leave caches in prominent places.

These can be mailboxes, trash cans or containers, elevators and stairwells. Often, caches are arranged under the windowsills of apartments on the first floors. This approach allows all participants of the transaction to remain anonymous and at the same time get the desired – the seller will get the money, the client the desired product.

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