Having become part of the criminal world with Hydra, many have to start small. For example, you can become a treasure trove working in one area of the city and making bookmarks for customers.

Klamen – working with treasures

Initially, there is a "probationary period" and in one hoard will be hidden no more than 10-15 doses. Over time, the number of goods increases, as well as the profit of the hoardman, but about everything in order.

The task of the cladman on Hydra is simple – to pick up treasures and "throw" them on the bookmarks, which must be hidden in caches for transfer to customers. But what if you haven't found the treasure?

There may be several reasons for this:

  • The treasure was "blown up" before the treasure hunter arrived;
  • The treasure could not be found due to a lack of sufficient information about the cache;
  • The cache is organized in a crowded place;
  • Interior Ministry officers were on duty nearby.

In any case, proceedings with the employer can not be avoided. The first thing to do is to immediately inform "your superiors" on Hydra that the treasure has not been found and discuss with him what to do.

Not find – what to do next?

Kladman will not be fined if he is not guilty of the lack of a treasure. If you work on the Hydra website with one of the vendors, it's a good idea to do the following:

  • Before removing the treasure to shoot all his actions on camera;
  • Never go on such a thing alone;
  • Show with the help of photos and videos the place of searches, so that the employer personally became convinced that the treasure is not present, and it was blown up by unknown persons;
  • Discuss with him how to proceed.

If you can not agree with the employer, he threatens you, etc., do not despair. Simply throw off the correspondence to the hydra specialist, who will immediately start the arbitration proceedings and become a third party and observer in the dispute.

What does Hydra do with a "guilty" hoardman?

If there is no action on the part of the hoardman, providing for malice and negligence, Hydra will quickly lock the case and will not allow to "harass" anything innocent person.

Thus, the cladman will be able to keep a job, find another employer or become an employee of Hydra, while his "salary" at the previous place of work will not "suffer" and he will be paid everything in full.