If the user has problems with work and it does not matter whether his activities will be legal or not, you can look for vacancies on Hydra, where among others you can find a job as a courier. The task is very simple – to pick up the treasure, work in a certain area and throw off photos and coordinates of bookmarks for reporting.

Working as a courier – benefits

Working as a courier on Hydra has many advantages, among which it should be noted:

  • Stable high income;
  • Complete anonymity;
  • Career outlook;
  • Low risks fall into the hands of law enforcement.

From these advantages we can conclude that working as a courier is a paradise. But, there are also difficulties in this case:

  • Finding and lifting the treasure;
  • Distribution of bookmarks by district;
  • Strict reporting on each bookmark.

The most difficult thing is to get the treasure and not to catch the eye of random witnesses. Typically, one hoard contains 10-15 packages. Initially, the courier works on probation and he is trusted with small treasures. Over time, the number of packages in the hoard grows, as well as the profit itself. The main thing is to remain extremely careful not to become a victim not only of the valiant police, but also of drug addicts.

Working on Hydra – information for the applicant

Working on the Hydra website, the user can be sure that he will not be "thrown" and will not surrender to law enforcement. Hydra specialists are valuable personnel, which takes time to train. Of course, someone can get caught and he will have problems with the law, but these are isolated cases. Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of couriers working in cities, successfully earning money in this case.

Summing up

As a rule, the treasure is camouflaged carefully and is located outside the city limits, in the woods or in the wasteland, where there are no strangers. To find it, the courier sent the coordinates of the place and the photo to find out the cache on the ground. So, it can be quickly found, without being distracted by other suspicious and similar cache sites. When working with Hydro or traders on the site, each member of the system will receive detailed instructions on how to work with substances and drugs.

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