The trade platform Hydra is the largest marketplace, which in 5 years of work managed to "crush" competitors and become the No.1 in the field of "shadow trade". Today, the platform operates more than 3000 stores, which daily "visit" from 100,000 users.

What are the hydra stores?

Turnover on the site is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars, and in terms of profitability, competes with the largest online stores of our time.

The question arises – what products are on the Hydra website? On this trading platform, the user will be able to easily find goods and services that are not found in stores in the Russian Federation and the CIS.

If you group them together, you'll get the following categories:

  • Drugs and substances;
  • Weapons;
  • Fake documents, diplomas, certificates, etc.;
  • Hacking accounts, computers and information theft;
  • Implementation of counterfeit money, etc.

The range of the store can range from 5-7 to hundreds of goods and services. In addition, it is easy to find a job with a stable and very high income (as many people understand, the activity does not fall within the framework of the laws of the Russian Federation).

Jobs on Hydra

Each vacancy provides a detailed action guide for the employee, which will help to avoid problems with the law and start a rapid career.

There are also vacancies on the official Hydra On website, which is recommended to enter through the Tor browser.

Specialists are always ready to hire a chemist who can cook drugs in his room, require couriers, etc. Hydra – a huge network, created by analogy with the villainous network of Marvell comics.

Hydra's Sphere of Influence

It covers all CIS countries and the vast territory of the Russian Federation. Every day the number of users of the Hydra site is growing, as is the number of goods sold on the trading floor. This allows the site administrators to earn a solid income and provide quality support and service to their customers.

It has become safe and easy to shop with us in the shadow market. In fact, it is the same online store, which is available goods and services that do not interest ordinary people.