To earn bitcoins independently (mining), you need a good "iron" that can not only effectively "sacrifice" its power, but also to be reliable. To have constant access to mining, many users buy laptops that allow you to work and successfully twist the crypt on your account.

Earn a crypt through a laptop

The main criterion when choosing a laptop to earn bitcoins is the duration of the charge (battery efficiency). Today, there are laptops that can work efficiently without a network connection for up to 10-12 hours.

More features and details

Many users do not like that after productive work in 6-7 hours, such devices begin to "brake", but sociability and the ability to work anywhere are worth it.

In addition, there are a lot of recommendations that will help not to buy an expensive laptop for mining, but to improve the existing "aggregate":

  • You can order on almost all models of laptops Chinese double battery;
  • You can set up your energy consumption mode in your laptop settings.
  • It's a good idea to choose devices with a U series (ultra) processor. Such processors consume a little energy, which will significantly prolong the "life" of the laptop battery;
  • Many users use Acer Timeline laptops to work on the crypto exchange. They are not expensive and hold the battery long enough.

If you allow the funds, it will be easier to buy a MacBook that meets all the set parameters, but such a pleasure can not be called cheap. In general, when choosing a laptop to work on the crypto-exchange there is no single option – someone chooses powerful, productive models.


Someone likes devices that can work in regular mode for 8-10 hours without constant recharging. If you want to earn bitcoins and subsequently use them in the Darknet and in particular on Hydra, it will be easier to consult with experienced miners on thematic forums, which will help you find a laptop suitable for these purposes. To work on the crypto-exchange can be suitable any devices, the main thing is that enough power and energy.