The official hydra Onion website is a huge trading platform in the Darknet, allowing you to trade goods that can not just be put on the counter. In 5 years of work, Hydra has become a truly almighty organization and easily absorbed such a giant as RAMP.

Monopoly – what can you buy on Hydra?

As a result, the entire market of arms, drugs, counterfeit money, etc., was in the "same hands". There is a fair question – how did an unknown trading platform Hydra managed to absorb such a giant as RAMP?

It all started in 2016, when RAMP specialists started talking about problems. Advanced users have put forward several possible causes of the fall of RAMP and its complete closure:

  • Large-scale DDoS attacks ordered by competitors;
  • The administration of the site lost the keys, without which the management of the trading floor is impossible;
  • The trading floor was closed by representatives of the Interior Ministry;
  • The administration of the site "drained" the data of customers of the marketplace and collected enough money, just "thrown" everyone.

It is worth pointing out that none of the versions has been officially confirmed. All of them remained guesses, which neither confirmed by representatives of the Interior Ministry, nor the administrators of RAMP. Regardless of the reasons for the closure, Hydra has become the sole leader in terms of trade in prohibited goods in the Darknet network, in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Features of the Hydra site

Thanks to a well-thought-out service and a convenient interface, customers and sellers are happy to join the ranks of users, successfully trade and buy goods. Smaller trading platforms and sites in the Darknet can not compete with Hydro, because the administration of the marketplace not only supports its customers, but also in the case of force majeure, can return the money spent, block the unreliable seller and constantly improves the quality of service.

The site has a convenient interface – the buyer can easily navigate the space of the site and find the goods of interest, the seller will be able to create his own store, fill out the catalog and successfully sell their goods. The higher the rating, the higher the store quotes will be.

Safety on Hydra

On Hydra to trade safely – personal data of customers and traders are securely protected by "onion" encryption. Here you can safely communicate, conduct transactions, etc., without fear of the attention of law enforcement agencies.

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