If users of the Darknet network believe that Thor's browser will protect their anonymity, they are mistaken. The fact is that visiting sites that include the names of customers or nicks, the user "lights up."

Precautions in the Darknet

Many "burn" on the fact that visiting their pages through Thor, simply do not take into account the moment that they may be the only users who visited their resource through this browser.

This "primitive" behavior can result in the user's anonymity being leveled and all of its further actions can be tracked. If your website or social media page is not popular, the only visit to the page through Thor is regarded as a user visiting its page.

It follows the conclusion that visits the page through the Thor owner of the site or page. There is usually no visit through the Torre browser social networks. The thing is that entering your page, the system will not need to determine your IP address, because it will be clear that it is the owner of the page.

The simplest options for registration

Even using the nickname, the owner of the page can be easily calculated through mutual friends, relatives, by photo, etc. it is noteworthy that all data about the entrance through the Tor browser in the CC is subsequently stored on the servers of the sites and they can not be removed from the common system.

Only platform owners or hackers (whose services cost fabulous money) can eliminate them. By visiting your account through the Tor browser, the client can hide their location, but do not remain anonymous.

Negligence as payback

Such negligence can lead to the fact that your account will be illuminated and will be under the supervision of the competent authorities, which will be able to "break through" the interests of users. Including those moments when he visits such sites as Hydra, etc. As a result, the activity of the user of the Darknet can be brutally suppressed by the authorities.

Especially if he commits illegal actions, buying, distributing or selling drugs, weapons, drugs, etc. To maintain anonymity, you need to be careful, because your freedom depends on it.