Darknet is not a hidden corner on the Internet, but a separate "state" living by its own laws and not obeying anyone.

The degree of information protection – information about the Darknet

Thanks to the highest degree of protection and almost entirely manual work of programmers, this resource allows drug dealers, gunsmiths, groups and other prohibited "offices" to function quietly, sell their goods and services, write truthful materials without fear of censorship, etc.

Hydra in the Darknet

For example, you can take the site Hydra, which is the largest trading platform in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, where you can buy whatever you want. If someone has the impression that the Darknet is the "abode of evil", then this opinion is wrong. This can be explained for the following reasons:

  • Many popular libraries and libraries have moved to The Darknet, whose products have been banned by the authorities;
  • In the same Torah are "mirrors" of many popular torrent trackers caught in the opal;
  • It is run by the popular question-and-answer magazine Hidden Answers;
    There are many gaming and entertainment portals;
    The Darknet has its own torist magazine, etc.

Unfortunately, in the Darknet the speed of work is low, so it is impossible to hang on entertainment portals for a long time. If we talk about illegal sites and their content – they are here with a lot.

For example, any user can order new (fake) car signs on hydra's website, buy fake currency and rubles, buy weapons, visit websites of nationalist and extremist groups. In terms of the latter, information is pouring down the river and you can find a bunch of forbidden content.

Summing up

In general, darknet is a very useful thing for those who prefer to work with unfiltered resources. Also, it will be interesting for those who are used to visiting banned sites, preferring to maintain their anonymity (for example, when constantly visiting Hydra). The main thing is to download the proven Thor browser, which will protect customer data and will not allow law enforcement to find out what and how you buy on Hydra and look at other sites.


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