Hydra is the largest online store with products from the "shadow" zone. Thanks to the thoughtful functionality, simple and intuitive interface, users and sellers easily understand the management of orders and stores, and make financial transactions.

Ways to protect your personal information

Many users are concerned about security – the fact is that the entrance to sites such as Hydra are closely monitored by law enforcement (through simple browsers). As a result, the person comes under control, and all his actions in the network will be closely monitored. As soon as he makes the first order and comes to pick it up, you can expect the appearance of people in black masks.

To prevent this from happening, you should take care of the safe entrance to the Hydra site. There are several ways to make it this way:

  • Use the Thor browser to enter hydra.com. The Thor browser uses a "onion" encryption system, which allows you to securely hide from strangers the source of the user's signal (and, accordingly, track);
  • Using proxies. This option is simple and almost perfect, if not for one "No." By purchasing a proxy, the user of the network opens their IP data to the seller, which does not guarantee 100% anonymity;
  • Vpn. Using this service, the user will securely save their data, but at the same time he has to pay a "round" amount of money.

Each way to visit the Hydra site is good in its own way, but the most reliable is the Thor browser, which can be downloaded for free. The advantage of the browser is that when you enter Hydra, it is impossible to track the actions of the customer of the store.

Small flaws in the work of THERS

Many people are not satisfied with the low speed of the browser, but it is not terrible. After all, the main thing in buying "shadow" products, such as forged documents and money, weapons and drugs, is security and anonymity. Using these services, all information about the customer of stores on Hydra will become inaccessible to third parties, and his anonymity will remain secret. You can consult with experts on the website on all security-related issues.


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