Hydra shopping site is the largest trading platform in Russia and cis countries, where you can buy a variety of goods and services for which you can get under criminal prosecution. To date, hydra has more than 3,000 salespeople. There is a fair question – how to find a reliable seller who will not be lost with money and 100% will sell quality goods?

Features of the Hydra site

To find a proven seller on Hydra, the user does not have to spend a lot of time. The project administration has created a convenient, clear interface, allowing you to get full information about any seller.

Here are some things you need to do to find information about the seller:

  • Stop by and register on Hydra;
  • To replenish your account in the personal office, "bay" on it cyber currency;
  • Choose an interested seller with a certain range of goods;
  • Read the feedback left by users.

It is noteworthy that the seller will not be able to "twist" the reviews on its own. The valuation is provided by consumers who previously ordered goods and services from the seller on Hydra. To give an objective assessment of the service of a seller, in the state of Hydra work secret buyers.

Principles of Hydra specialists

They randomly choose the seller, make a control purchase and evaluate the quality of goods and services. If the seller cheats, does not send the goods or offers his customers a cheap fake, in this case his store is removed from the Hydra marketplace, while the seller gets a hard ban. At the same time, his account is blocked, disgruntled customers get their money back (if any) and the usual work of the resource continues.


The Hydra marketplace is an ideal place to sell shady goods and services. Sellers understand that the loss of such an ideal place for trading is fraught with huge losses, possible problems, etc. Trading the old-fashioned way, selling goods through dealers today is risky, while the official Hydra website guarantees complete anonymity to both the seller and the buyer.

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