Users of the Hydra website know that it is not so easy to get ordered goods on this trading floor. The thing is that for this type of product, both the seller and the user, can snatch the real term. What do sellers do on Hydra? They are looking for different ways to secretly transfer goods to the customer in various ways, among which the dig occupies a special place.

Back as a way to deliver a parcel

The excavation is a small hole in the soil in which the goods are laid, perhaps additional protection is installed, etc. After the "burial" the excavation is carefully disguised, and the inexperienced person simply does not guess that in the place where he looks, there is a cache of "message".

The benefits and disadvantages

Among the advantages of transferring goods from Hydra through the excavation can be highlighted:

  • Reliability. Such a cache is difficult to find even an experienced treasure hunter. Often, additional protections are applied to divert unwanted attention from the cache;
  • This type of cache is easy to arrange both within and outside the city;
  • Getting goods through the excavation is almost 100% of the business.

But, there are also drawbacks:

  • Setting up a good dig, especially in the city, a whole art;
  • A simple dig is easily calculated by experienced drug addicts;
  • Taking the back of the excavation, it is easy to attract the attention of vigilant passers-by, who can report to the authorities.

With the help of excavations, as a rule, masks hoards (large purchases of narcotic substances) outside the city. This allows you to securely protect the product from third-party encroachments, and the customer to get what he wants.

Today, on Hydra, usually digs are laid couriers, distributing various drugs. If necessary, this method can be used to transfer other goods (for example, forged documents, weapons, flash drives with information, etc.).


Prikop is one of the oldest ways to trade, and at the same time not to see both the customer and the supplier of the goods. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to avoid the troubles associated with the law. Thanks to the Hydra website, any user can purchase goods and services without fear of excessive attention of law enforcement.


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