A tor browser is not just a program, but a whole web of Internet, opening the user access to the most hidden corners and sites, while keeping his identity anonymous. To become part of the "system", it is enough to download the Thor browser and enjoy the functionality of the program.

TOR program – what is the need for such a browser?

The key advantage of the TOR program over other browsers is to remain anonymous. No one will be able to find out about your activities on the Internet, even if they will try very hard. This allows users to visit resources such as the Hydra website, where you can purchase new documents, weapons, drugs and more. Keep in mind that using browsers like Chrome or Yandex to enter Hydra will not guarantee security or anonymity.

What is the TOR?

Thor itself does not ensure the safety of all Internet traffic. But, this program allows you to protect applications that work together with it and have appropriate settings. One of these sites is the Hydra marketplace, which opens users doors to goods and services that are not found through simple search engines. Using the Thor browser, together with other search engines, can lead to problems, because this approach is not safe.

It is noteworthy that, despite modern protection systems and encryption, it is impossible to download torrents through the Tor browser. Otherwise, the address of the user's IP will be visible to other users, which may attract the attention of law enforcement agencies in the future. By downloading torrents through Thor, the browser's speed will drop significantly. And not only the downloading user, but all the others will suffer.

Using TOR

When using TOR, you should use an extremely secure https connection. In theory, the program installs such a connection automatically, but it is better to check the settings and address bar, before visiting the resource. The Tor browser is originally a military program aimed at searching for any information and transmitting encrypted data.


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