Hydra Onion is a desirable target for millions of users who wish to purchase goods and services of "illegal origin". But, without a Tor browser and using search engines such as Google or Yandex, there is a great risk to run into a phishing page, which is created similar to Hydro, but aimed at stealing funds from the user's account.

Phishing sites – the "plague" of the 21st century

The fact is that this scheme of work allows attackers not only to steal money from the accounts of gullible users, but also to steal their personal data, indicated at registration.

What you need to know about phishers

According to statistics, each month phishers create about 1-1.5 million phishing sites. These sad figures show that the average user needs to exercise extreme caution when visiting sites in the Darknet, in particular Hydra.

In order not to fall victim to scams, there are a number of recommendations that will help the user find the original Hydra site and save their money and personal data:

  • The original domain of the hydra Onion website is https://hydraruzxpnew4onion.com/
  • Passwords should be changed regularly;
  • The domain name of the trading floor ends only on .onion (domains with the name com or ru are not the original version of the platform and most likely phishing);
  • Two-factor identification with proof of entry through SMS will help secure your personal account and profile;
  • Do not visit hydra's website using public Wi-Fi;
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails that may be mailed from phishers.

These simple measures will help keep your personal data and cryptocurrency intact. Hydra site, despite a high degree of protection, is constantly subjected to phishing attacks and is a tidbit for people unclean on hand.

Summing up

Scammers are attracted by the fact that the Hydra marketplace operates in the "grey" zone and, therefore, in the case of hacker attacks, will not be able to turn to law enforcement agencies for help. If you suspect that your account has been hacked, it is advisable to ask the site administration for help.


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