The Hydra Onion marketplace is a desirable target for scammers who want to enrich themselves at the expense of gullible and inexperienced users. Hydra is the largest marketplace operating in Russia and CIS countries.

Fighting scammers on Hydra

It has more than 3,000 stores offering goods and services that do not fit into the current law. To get to the resource and not to become a victim of phishers, you should go only on the original link to the site in the Darknet –

Who are the phishers?

Fishers are one of the key problems of gullible users. In the open spaces of Runet, they create an exact copy of the site Hydra Onion, which will go to gullible buyers and enter their personal data, top up the account, etc. As a result, the money from the client's account quickly evaporates, as well as the site itself.

Fighting phishers and scammers

No claims the user will not be able to make Hydra, as it is not their resource and it's all about the inattention of the user. In order not to become another victim of scams and not to lose their time, nerves and money, it is recommended to pay attention to the following factors:

  • It is recommended that you regularly check the original address of hydra's website with the domain name of the site you are moving to. Even one modified letter or number can be an indication that you've been on a phishing resource;
  • You should change your password regularly.
  • To ensure the security of your profile and wallet on the site, use a two-way system of verification and confirmation of data (for example, through SMS codes);
  • Do not go to hydra's website, via public Wi-Fi;
  • Don't respond to strange emails from unfamiliar users.

The second and no less important aspect – unscrupulous sellers who "steal" money from buyers, not sending them ordered goods. With such crooks on the site Hydra fight effectively – money hangs in the system until the end of the transaction. And if the user does not receive the parcel, the seller is left with nothing.

After a short trial, the user gets back the cryptocurrency, while the seller gets a lifetime ban. Hydra's website allows you to quietly buy and sell goods on an honest basis, without fear for the fact that the customer "throw".