The Thor browser is vital for those who visit various trading platforms such as Hydra. Thanks to this program, you can ensure complete anonymity and quietly order goods and services prohibited by law. No living soul will know from what IP address you were sitting, what sites you visited and what they spent their money on.

Benefits of the TOR browser

In addition, with the help of the Tor browser, you can safely visit the sites that your Internet provider blocks at the request of Roskomnadzor (this is exactly hydra). With the Thor browser, you can visit sites in other regions, countries, etc. Only Thor is able to keep your data secret, while activity in other programs can cause a lot of problems.

By itself, the Internet network Thor is not able to protect your traffic. But, the program itself protects applications that are viewed or used by the browser. The program is set up to protect data, and even when you shop on Hydra, you can be sure that you will not be known to third parties.

Features of TOR – compare

Many people don't like the way torrents can't be downloaded while in the Thor browser. But, this flaw is leveled by the data protection system, which is not provided by any other browser. Another drawback of Thor is slow work. But, security is worth the wait.


By itself, the Thor browser blocks all sorts of plugins such as RealPlayer, Adobe, etc. The whole problem is that these plugins can use your IP, which is not acceptable when working with sites like Hydra. By disabling this feature, the user automatically puts their data at risk and actually opens access to the darknet scammers to their logins and passwords stored on the device.


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