Hydra is a powerful retail shadow platform where you can buy a variety of goods and services, including those that can go to jail. In addition to trading, Hydra is positioning itself as a platform where you can find near-criminal work with consistently high income (there is also a simple job for freelancers, but more on this below).

The best job is a stable income

As practice has shown, on Hydra you can successfully work and earn serious money for those who got into a difficult life situation and want to get a consistently high income. Among the most popular vacancies on hydra's website are:

  • Freelancers – in this case, you don't have to do anything illegal. If you know how to create websites, do design or programming, then find a job on Hydra is not difficult;
  • "Miners" – in this case, the user is invited to become a drug courier and make bookmarks in his city, selling drugs. Many may be frightened by "such a prospect", but the income is stable and can reach up to 250,000 rubles per month. At the same time, even the seller will not know personal information about the user, the work is carried out on full anonymity;
  • Hackers – if you have a certain set of skills and you know how to hack different systems, then work on Hydra will not be long in coming;
  • Chemists – many sellers are constantly striving to increase production, as a result of recruiting in the "state" chemists, ready to create a laboratory and prepare drugs on their territory. Such work is paid generously and does not require serious financial investment.

Summing up

It is worth noting that the Hydra site itself also needs specialists to help improve the operation of the trading floor. For example, you can get a job as an operator on Hydra or become a secret buyer, testing goods and services on the trading floor. Any vacancy is paid generously and steadily – all payments are made in cryptocurrency, which can then be transferred to a Kiwi wallet or bank card. Payment is made steadily, on the terms of the employer.


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