Hydra is a huge trading platform, where thousands of shops from Russia and CIS countries operate, distributing goods and services for which you can find yourself under the close attention of law enforcement agencies.

Data theft – how to protect information?

All the client's actions are protected, but there are always risks to "make public" information about themselves or about their purchases on Hydra. The question arises – how to protect your data from theft on Hydra? Is that possible?

Let us point out at once that in 5 years of work in the shadow market, Hydra services have never hacked or stolen anyone's data. The news that Hydra is leaksing its customers is nonsense. Why should the largest trading platform lose its regular visitors and buyers who bring it a stable high profit?

Phishing sites – what is the danger?

The danger lies in the other, namely in phishing sites. Fischers are people who love money and will be happy to get the personal data of users, which will "clean" their accounts and wallets in a matter of minutes. In order not to fall for their tricks and accidentally merge their data to scammers, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • Regularly update your password on Hydra;
  • Carefully read the address of the hydra site to which you go (the original link hydraruzxpnew4onion.com/). If the name is changed at least one letter or number, then you got to the site to phishers who can steal your money and get hold of the data;
  • Google or Yandex search engines can't go to Hydra's website. If you hit it, it means it's a phishing site, possibly created by the competent authorities that track down traders and their customers.

Compliance with these simple rules will help keep your personal data and money safe. As an additional measure, you can contact Hydra Support, where the operator will confirm that you have got to the right place. The domain name of the original site will never end with "prefixes" com or ru. These resources are created by scammers to attract the attention of gullible users.

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