The official Hydra website is the largest shadow trading platform in the Darknet, working on the Russian Federation and CIS countries. On it you can not only buy a variety of goods or services, but also get a very legal job. The main thing is to look for vacancies on Hydra and find a suitable option for yourself.

Working as an operator on Hydra – what should I do?

Working as an operator on Hydra is a sought-after vacancy, which allows you to earn money consistently and not pay taxes to the state. The duties of a potential employee will be the same as in any other call center of a typical online store.

  • Working as an operator on Hydra, the user will be engaged in:
  • Respond to the appeals of customers of the trading floor and help solve their questions;
  • Accept applications from customers or sellers for litigation;
  • Advise other users;
  • Helping customers deal with the service;
  • Answer customer questions related to registration and top-up.

Compared to the work of the operator in other online stores, on the official website Hydra can earn decent money, up to 2500 rubles per shift. To find vacancies, the user needs to visit the eponymous section, where the project administration lays out information about the required specialists.

Work on Hydra – more information

Many people are confused that hydra's website works illegally and therefore all employees also become "illegals". Do not be afraid – it is a normal job that will not affect your social status. You will be listed as an ordinary employee who has access to classified information. Operators on Hydra are not prosecuted and operate according to the standard scheme of an ordinary employee. If desired, the user can quit and find another job, without any consequences.

The result of work on the hydra

Collaborating with hydra service anyone can get a stable job with a high salary. The service "does not throw anyone" in a timely manner paying earnings in bitcoins, which can easily be translated into rubles and brought to your card. It is enough to register in the exchange and get paid for a simple job.

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