Hydra is the largest trading platform with illegal goods and services in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Thanks to the shadow service, you can buy anything on Hydra, you can make documents, find a "shadow" job or buy banned substances.

Looking for hydra – what you need to know about the search

But, to find this marketplace is not so easy – the whole thing is that the administration of the site skillfully hides from the outside attention of law enforcement agencies and it is not in the search for Google and Yandex. So how to find Hydra through a search engine, and not run into a "left" phishing resource?

Options to search for Hydra

The easiest way to find the original Hydra site is to use the Tor browser. With this program, you can search for sites with a domain console .onion. To find Hydra, it is enough to enter the name of the marketplace in the search bar and click on the link to the site.

It is worth pointing out that the Tor browser does not work as fast as the conditional Yandex, so you have to wait to download the entire catalog of goods. Experienced users warn that phishing sites similar to Hydra can be created not only by fraudsters, but by special services.

They collect dirt on potential criminals who buy illegal goods and seek services. Having collected enough information about the user, he can be arrested. Original link to Hydra's website – hydraruzxpnew4af. It is worth noting that the domain name of the site ends exclusively .onion. If you have foreign symbols, letters, etc., you're more likely to have a phishing project that's aimed at taking over the user's tools.

How not to fall prey to villains?

In order not to become another victim of intruders, you should look for the original trading floor.

The Tor browser is also attractive because the user's data will not be available to third parties. The activities of a potential buyer on hydra's website will not be tracked, as Thor's specialists are constantly changing encryption methods.

With each passing day, the users of Ther browser becomes more and more, the quality of the program is improving, and, therefore, it is easier to work and search for interesting sites in the Darknet.


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