The hydra website is the largest platform for grey segment products in Russia and CIS countries. As with conventional goods, on the pages of stores of the site you can find high-quality and goods and cheap counterfeiting. Many users, asking their close friends who know about the site hydra, ask questions how not to run into a fake and what to do if the product was below the stated quality?

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In order for the Hydra site to work successfully for many years, the administration itself has created an entire service that is responsible for quality control. A group of "secret buyers" buys goods and services from various sellers, and tests them on several criteria – cost, quality compliance, delivery conditions, fraud. If the seller turned out to be a scammer, his store will no longer get on the hydra and will get a lifetime ban.

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Unfortunately, we do not have enough strength and capabilities, so many customers act at their own risk, buying goods and services. To make it easier for new users of hydra to navigate the pages of the site, each store has an average rating from users, reviews, etc.

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In the event that the goods ordered and received afterwards, which Hydra site offers to its customers; turned out to be low-grade and do not meet the stated criteria, the customer will be enough to take a picture or film it, explaining what its "flaws" are. With the footage, you need to contact Hydra's support services to create an arbitration dispute.

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A tripartite chat will be created during the trial, involving the client, the seller and a third party, represented by Hydra's specialist. Proving the quality of the goods, the customer has the right to demand their money back, while the seller of "products" will fall under tougher sanctions. This can be a fine with a warning or a long ban before fixing the problems. If the seller does not react to these measures, then in the future his activity on the hydra site will be terminated by means of a lifetime ban.