On the marketplace hydra you can buy almost any illegal products, it is a stable and profitable business.

However, any business is, first of all people, despite the fact that most processes when buying goods and ordering services is remote, only a person can deliver the goods to the buyer.

Courier – work on Hydra

For such work, each store on hydra has its couriers, they are almost no different from the usual. Only their cargo in case of capture by law enforcement agencies is confiscated, and the couriers themselves face a significant term. It is for this reason that the marketplace itself, and shops create all conditions to minimize the capture of the courier.

For a start, the courier himself, the shop owner, moderators and hydra administrators observe complete anonymity. Stores are checked by the administration of hydra, they have rating, reviews. This not only guarantees the customer that he will receive the goods, but also gives some guarantees to the courier.

General information for the courier

For example, that the store is not a fake and that it will not run into the police. In order to settle a courier, it is enough to respond to the appropriate vacancy of the store. Before you get to work, you'll be briefed. It will tell you what and what you will transport, how to do it most safely, what skills you will need.

To deliver the first batch of goods you will be obliged to provide a deposit, so as not to be deceived, it is better to leave a deposit for the goods, using the services of a guarantor. That is, the deal will be conducted by the moderator, he will control the fulfillment of its obligations.

Courier responsibilities

From your side it will be the delivery of goods to the destination, on the part of the seller, the transfer of goods and payment of the relevant services. You as a courier after the goods will be delivered will receive a substantial premium.

At the same time, in the case of any force majeure, for example, the non-receiving of goods from the seller, the loss of goods and so on, it is the moderator of Hydra checks what exactly happened. He asks for corroborating information (poufs) and makes a final decision on who to return the deposit.

As for delivery, usually after the deposit is left, the seller gives the coordinates where the goods are, where it should be delivered is reported immediately, but the exact location is disclosed only after the deposit is left. After delivery, the pledge is returned to the courier along with the delivery premium.

Summing up

The work seems not dusty, but very dangerous, because if the courier is taken red-handed he faces a long term. However, the risk charge is high, it can reach several hundred thousand rubles per delivery, everything depends on the substance transported, the volume and its cost.