How to make Hydra login? This issue worries thousands of newcomers of the trading floor who want to make safe purchases of goods and services of the "grey" market.

Hydra's trading platform is a multinational project that affects not only Russia, but also nine CIS countries. Thanks to the intensive growth and active promotion, Hydra's website was able to become the Number One in the market in the shortest possible time and prove to be attractive to many sellers in terms of cooperation. There is everything that the user can enjoy shopping in Hydra stores.

How to enter Hydra – key moments

To enter Hydra, the user can use a link to the official website (hydraruzxpnew4af.onion) or use mirrors. Alternative links will help the user in case the official site is blocked for any reason. Here's how you can find them:

  • Visit Hydra's official website and copy them in the bottom right corner of the main page;
  • Write to customer service and ask the operator to drop the current links to the mirrors;
  • Visit thematic forums, where representatives of Hydra are always on duty, who will promptly help newcomers with links to Hydra mirrors;
  • Visit hydra partners' websites, where the address of Hydra's official website and links to mirrors are always presented.

Regardless of the method you choose, the user will be able to enter the Hydra marketplace to make their first purchase.

Registration on Hydra – what a beginner needs to know

To become a Hydra customer and make your first purchase, the user will have to register for the project. To do this, he will need to do the following:

  • Enter Hydra's website and click on the Registration button;
  • In the open window to enter the invented login and password (necessary to enter the site);
  • To come up with a nickname under which the user will be visible to everyone on the site (sellers, operators, other users, administrators, etc.);
  • Introduce the kapcha.

After this set of actions, the user will have the rules of the Hydra site, which you must agree with (if you do not agree, you will not be able to register). It will be left only to choose the country and the city in which you want to receive goods and services and start trading.

First purchase on Hydra – working with the site

To make the first purchase on Hydra, the client will have to top up his account. The cryptocurrency bitcoin is used as a calculated currency, the actions with which no tax service in the world can track. If you don't have a bitcoin wallet, don't despair. On the hydra website there is a service "Exchanger" where the client can quickly get the cryptocurrency in the right volume at a favorable rate – it is enough to enter the money into the system in a convenient way.

The second way to get bitcoins is to use the services of shops. Many departments offer their clients to get bitcoins on favorable terms. Once the balance is replenished, the customer can start choosing goods and services, which are presented in a wide range on the site.