Today, hydra is the largest site where thousands of stores sell "grey" goods and services not available to mere mortals.

War on competitors as a business

Here without problems you can buy drugs, fake documents and license plates for a car, weapons, etc. But, the site Hydra would not always be popular, and what price got such fame this site, can only guess.

It all started in 2015, when the "shadow" market No.1 was the marketplace RAMP, which was focused on all the activity of Darknet users. Only a few thousand people were registered on Hydra itself at that time, and the influx of customers was extremely low.

Events of 2017

But, in 2017, everything changed – information began to leak that RAMP began to merge its customers to the representatives of the FSB, the financial machinations of the trading platform surfaced, there were news that customers and sellers began to lose money from accounts.

Periodic DDoS attacks completely undermined RAMP, which by the end of the year simply closed, and the administration of the site successfully "merged" with all the money. What did Hydra do? It simply lured all customers, provided a quality service and a proper degree of protection.

Hydra these days

Since then, the Hydra website has become the No.1 site in Russia and CIS countries, where you can buy a variety of goods and services that go beyond the law. To eliminate their smaller, but "brazen" competitors, Hydra acts aggressively – presses their DDoS attacks, not allowing admins to turn around the market.

Compliant competitors simply sell Hydra their sites for decent money, or merge with the "mafia". This allows the marketplace to develop successfully, increase its influence, while competitors receive a stable high income and help the organization to develop.

Summing up

It turns out that there is no war as such. Hydra simply offers cooperation to smaller resources that simply cannot withstand competition. This allows you to attract new customers, not at the expense of competitive stores.

At the same time, small trading platforms can enlist hydra's support and receive comprehensive help in business development.