Many people know that such a site as Hydra is a tidbit for those who want to "earn" big stars in structures such as the FSB and the Interior Ministry. Experts go to full lengths to reach out to the organizers of Europe's largest marketplace and the longest-running market in the world. But, all attempts are unsuccessful. Many users use a TOR browser to get to Hydra. But there is a fair question – is it possible to visit the site Hydra without THOR?

Hydra's website – bypass the blocking of Roskomnadzor

Despite the fact that many providers block access to such resources as Hydra, you can get to it through a regular browser. But it is necessary to take into account the risks associated with the fact that the user's data will fall into the "hands of law enforcement" and as a result, he will have to answer to the law for his actions.

How to log on to Hydra's website?

Among the options to visit Hydra without THOR are:

  • Site Mirror – the best option for those who do not plan to make purchases and just decided to familiarize themselves with the range of Hydra and goods. In order not to "light up once again", hydra website invites all newcomers without authorization to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of the site and explore opportunities;
  • Proxies – Using proxies, the user can encrypt their entrance to Hydra through a simple browser. In this case, it is not recommended to use free services. But even paying, the client will not be safe, because when buying the seller sees the original customer data;
  • VPN is the most "correct" option to visit Hydra site through a simple browser. Using a VPN it is possible to safely encrypt their data and protect yourself from the attention of the competent authorities.

Despite all precautions, buy goods and services on Hydra through TOR. The fact is that "legal" browsers do not encrypt the client's information by "onion" encryption and they are easy to get to the specialists of the Interior Ministry, to track the further actions of the person. In order not to have any problems visiting Hydra site in the future, it is recommended that you use one or more methods to protect your data.