Hydra site is the largest trading platform in the entire post-Soviet space, where anyone can always buy such goods, which can not be found in simple online stores.

On the Hydra website, there are always a wide range of different PAVs and other "entertainment" substances, medicines, various documents and certificates, laboratory equipment, designers, reagents, useful educational books and manuals, you can find work and use other services. The site has been operating successfully since 2015 and during this time managed to become the Number One in the market, having managed to beat its competitors and surpass them in everything.

The formation of Hydra – how the admins conquered the Russian Federation and the CIS

This project began as an uncomplicated site, where anyone could buy goods and services of the "grey" market. In order not to trample on the spot and actively develop, the administration of Hydra has chosen the path of monopolization of the market on any conditions. Due to the specifics of trade, Hydra began to actively buy back the assets of competitors, to involve them in cooperation. All "dissenters" were subjected to "violent" DDoS attacks and information blockade, which led to the rapid strengthening of the trading floor in the market.

During her short "life" in the Darknet, Hydra managed to attract more than 3,000 sellers, from whom tens of thousands of customers buy goods and services every day. Hydra's activities have spread to the entire Russian Federation and nine CIS countries, and no one is going to stop there. This project is interested in spreading its influence further by making prohibited goods and services available to all comers.

How to get on Hydra's website

To log on to Hydra's website, the user will have to download the Thor program, or using mirrors to visit the site through a regular browser. In the first case, the user benefits are obvious. Through the Tor-browser, the user's actions will be impossible to track, and he will be able to work quietly on the Hydra trading floor, without fear that his actions will attract the attention of law enforcement or the provider.

When using mirrors, you should be careful – the client is advised to connect to a VPN or proxy, which will also help hide their activity on closed resources. When working in a simple browser on Hydra, the client is much more likely to light up than when entering Hydra via the Tor browser.

Regardless of the method of entry to the site, the client will have to register on the platform or log up. In any case, when entering the site, the administration of the project does not forget about security – here no one asks the user for such information as phone number, email address and does not ask to be authorized by social networks.

Deals on Hydra

Deals on Hydra are made as a simple online store, but cryptocurrency (bitcoins) is used for calculation. To receive their order, the customer does not have to wait for the parcel to be sent to the Russian Post. All goods are transferred by the method of bookmarks, treasures or organized caches from which you can pick up the goods. Telegram is used to discuss the terms of the transfer, in which the client and the seller can conduct private correspondence.