To ensure the security and security of data, users resort to the help of a VPN, which helps to protect personal information not always. Modern TOR data protection technologies help you explore the Darknet quietly without fear that your location will be calculated by law enforcement and will be monitored.

Tor browser – the benefits of the program

Using conventional browsers, the user can follow – tracked sites, trading, data transfer, correspondence, etc. If a VPN or proxy servers cost money, then using the Tor browser can conquer the Darknet for free.

The TOR browser itself is a network of proxies that cannot be traced to a user's IP and steal their data. Using the Thor browser, you can visit resources such as the Hydra website, which sells "shadow" goods and services.

Comparison of TOR with a regular browser

Using a regular browser, visiting Hydra, the potential buyer and seller signs a sentence and automatically gets "on a note" to law enforcement, who collected enough compromising on the person, can arrest him.

Positive moments

With a Tor browser, this will not be possible – all data, including logins and passwords stored on the device, will be secure and will not be able to be stolen. Ordinary users are interested in why and why the Tor browser is used. Consider the most popular reasons:

  • The ability to "cheat" Internet censorship;
  • Protect your personal information and anonymity;
  • Visit pages and resources that may be banned in a number of countries;
  • Thor is a pass to the Darknet and to sites such as Hydra.

Already these reasons are enough to use thor on a permanent basis. With it, the user will not have to pay for proxies and VPNs. You can safely buy goods and services that go against the law, watch pirated content, visit sites with prohibited topics and more. With the Tor browser, access to the Darknet will be open around the clock, which opens unlimited spaces for the user. Download Thor is free from the official website of the program.

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