Hydra's website is a trading platform where you can buy a lot of interesting goods and services (as well as sell). As in any other online store, users sometimes have problems with sellers providing substandard services, "tossing" customers or delivering low quality goods.

Rules of conduct when communicating on Hydra

To get what you want, you need to take into account a number of simple rules that will help to achieve justice and the desired result.

On the site Hydra Onion, despite the fact that the marketplace operates in the Darknet, it is not customary to deal with sellers, insulting them. Even in the most unpleasant situation, you should follow the culture of communication, without passing on personalities and resorting to rudeness. Insults, accusations of providing substandard goods or services, unsubstantiated claims can lead to the administration of the site Hydra will side with the seller and simply block the account of the "inadequate" user.

How to make a claim to the seller?

Before you start making a claim to the seller, you should take care of photos that prove you are right. Ideally, you can shoot a video that shows a markedly poor quality of the product or proof that it is not in the specified location.

As practice shows, most sellers themselves close the claim in favor of the buyer after all the evidence is presented. If there is a hitch or the seller refuses to believe you – ask for support in the administration of the project. Hydra experts will help solve the problems and will do everything possible to hold the seller accountable.

Summing up

Hydra, despite the fact that it operates on the black market, monitors the activity on the platform and quietly gets rid of the seller, violating the rules of trade. To minimize the risks, Hydra employs secret buyers who evaluate the quality of the product, the speed of delivery and other parameters. Thanks to this approach, experts quickly identify unscrupulous sellers, preventing controversial situations. Such service allows you to quietly buy goods and services without fear for the safety of money.

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