Hydra Onion is a high-quality service where anyone can safely buy goods and services of the "grey" market without fear of persecution by law enforcement.

Hydra Onion offers products such as PAV, documents, certificates, diplomas, laboratory equipment, reagents, bank cards, digital goods and services, etc. and such products are not found in simple stores and almost nowhere can be made a safe deal to purchase them (except Hydra). Thanks to high-quality services and a high level of security, every day the number of customers on the site continues to grow.

Hydra Onion – how to get to the official site

To visit the site hydra Onion, the user will pre-install the Tor browser program, which will allow the client to visit the site without fear of blocking and third-party attention from the provider.

Here are some things to do to install the Tor browser:

  • Visit the official Tor-program website and choose a browser suitable for "your" operating system installed on a PC, tablet or smartphone;
  • Open the downloaded file, choose the Russian language of the interface and click on the "Install" button;
  • Wait for the download to end and open the browser for further work.

It should be taken into account that the official site of Hydra Onion can be visited only with the help of Thor browser. The trading platform operates in the Darknet, which allows to protect user data "onion" encryption, which does not allow to identify interested persons who, when and from what device made a purchase on Hydra or simply was active there.

To get to the Hydra website through Thor, you need to enter the name of the marketplace in the search bar or insert a link to the site – hydraruzxpnew4af.onion.

Registration on hydra Onion

To become a client of Hydra Onion, the user will have to pass a simple registration on the site, which will open access to all services of the program. To do this, the visitor to the site will need:

  • Enter Hydra's website via the Tor browser at hydraruzxpnew4af.onion;
  • Click on the "registration" button;
  • In the open window, you need to enter the login and password (repeat 2 times);
  • You need to come up with a nickname under which the user will work on the site, and show to other users;
  • Confirm your actions by entering the capcha;
  • Read the new page with the rules of the project and agree with them.

After following the above procedure, the user will become a customer of Hydra and will be able to safely make purchases on the trading floor, open his shop or use other services, earning money or finding a new job.

Experienced users recommend that after registration write down the entered data (login and password). On Hydra (for example, as in Yandex browser) you will not be able to save data. Having written down personal data, the user will be able to insure, as it will be difficult to restore personal information on the hydra (if this function still works with the password, then with the login is not).