Hydra is one of the largest marketplaces for sellers selling goods and services that are not approved by society. Thanks to a competent approach, cooperation with many shops and private sellers.

Hydra range

The entire range of goods presented on the Hydra website is not inferior to the largest trading platforms in terms of number. To make it easier for customers, each product position has feedback from customers, on the basis of which the choice is much easier to make. The information provided allows you to assess the quality of the products.

Security of transactions in Moscow – how does hydra service work?

Hydra's official website operates in Moscow, and to provide quality services in sales, has a staff of its own secret buyers. They make purchases, assess the quality of products and give their assessment of the seller's activities. If goods and services do not meet the stated characteristics and quality. The seller risks losing his place and reputation.

Hydra's shopping site, thanks to this approach, successfully fights with fraudsters and completely blocks their activity in the "grey zone" of the Internet. All sellers working on the trading floor understand that to lose a trading place on Hydra means to suffer huge losses.

When ordering on Hydra, the buyer from Moscow indicates not only the address of delivery. Individual conditions for the transfer of the parcel are discussed with him. The easiest option is bookmarks. Their place is negotiated and after receiving the goods, the customer is obliged to confirm the status of the received parcel.


If difficulties arise, the buyer can leave an application in the "arbitration" of the Hydra site, where experts will deal with problems if necessary, return the funds spent during the transaction.

To ensure confidentiality, all deals on Hydra are paid by cyber currency. A number of individual stores work with Kiwi wallets, but such a step is risky. The use of cryptocurrencies avoids the attention of law enforcement agencies and maintains complete anonymity when ordering goods from Moscow.


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