Hydra is not only the largest trading platform, where drugs, forged documents, fake money and weapons are sold and bought.

Jobs on Hydra – hoarders

This marketplace offers a huge number of vacancies from all sorts of sellers. In addition, any client of the site can get a job in Hydra itself and successfully make money.

Becoming a hoarder is the first step to big money on Hydra. All that is required from the job seeker – quickly pick up the treasures (without getting to the representatives of the law), and the received doses to distribute among customers in the area of the city in which the person works.

There is nothing complicated here, the main caution. Beginner hoarders from the Hydra site have a fair question – how to find a treasure in the forest? In the city or on the outskirts is still clear. That's more difficult with the forest, because landmarks such as house numbers, cars, garages, etc. are not there.

Tips and tricks for newcomers

How to be? We offer to consider a number of tips and recommendations from experienced klamen Hydra, who regularly took away treasures in the forest:

  • To pick up treasures in the forest, you should have your own car (in a pinch, a friend with a car). Arriving in the forest by taxi, the driver (if it turns out to be proactive) will simply hand over the novice treasure hunter;
  • Despite the fact that there are few places in the forest, they are – it's fallen trees, stumps in the middle of a clearing, etc.
  • To pick up a treasure quickly, in the forest it is made easily accessible;
  • To lay the treasure choose the edge of the forest, not far from the city – ideally, a place where the country road turns, where it is almost impossible to meet random people and passing cars.

Clutches in the forest are the perfect way to transfer goods. In this situation, it is difficult to catch the eye of initiative citizens and become a "victim" of a police raid. At the same time, we should not forget about the caution that everyone needs in this case. With the site Hydra you can earn serious money – the main thing is not to be afraid, have the desire to work and observe simple precautions.

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