Collaboration with Hydra is not just an opportunity to get and buy the necessary goods and services, but also an adventure. If desired, any user can get a job on the site and choose one of many suitable specialties.

Work as a mortgager

The simplest, but at the same time profitable work – a mortgager. It involves the removal of treasures (a person is required to pick up a product consisting of 10-15 prepackaged doses), then transport them and "transfer" to the customer. In most cases, the mortgager operates in the same area, which allows you to spread the effective network of the Hydra site and work on familiar streets.

What does the mortgager do?

If the summer work on Hydra is extremely simple, as there are many places to hide treasures, then how to find and pick up a treasure in winter, without fear of the attention of vigilant passers-by and law enforcement? There are a number of recommendations from experienced hoarders who have successfully built their careers at Hydra:

  • When receiving photos and coordinates with treasure in the winter, it is recommended to immediately leave for the goods. It can be found and seized by "gulls" (addicts without money, in search of free "happiness"), employees of the Interior Ministry, etc.;
  • Arriving at the place, it is necessary to look closely and study the situation. If there are people within sight, it is not necessary to approach the treasure. Men or young women, without bags and bags in their hands, standing nearby with a casual look may be undercover employees of the Interior Ministry;
  • Before removing the winter treasure, you should walk around the place and examine it for traces;
  • Winter is attractive because the treasure can be hidden even in a snowdrift, near a prominent object. Therefore, traces of the presence of strangers will not be difficult to find.

These simple rules will help the novice hoarder to work quietly in the winter and not to fear that when removing the treasure it will be "covered". With the site Hydra can successfully and long cooperate, earning solid money.

Summing up

Many are attracted by the possibility of rapid career growth, the opportunity to have a high stable income, tax-free. Students, pensioners, ordinary unemployed citizens who are in a difficult life situation can easily deal with this business. All you need is registration on Hydra and connected on a smartphone Telegram.

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