The demand for banned products is always there, one of the few sites in the network where you can buy any goods prohibited for sale, is the marketplace hydra. You can't go directly to the marketplace, as the site is blocked by Roskomnadzor, but there are a lot of ways to get around the blocking.

Assortment – make a competent choice

To make a successful purchase, visit hydra's website through a proven mirror, proxy, Thor browser or using a VPN. Then register on the marketplace, after which you will need to top up your deposit.

You can top up your account in any way you want: electronic money, bank card or using a bank account.

Payment systems – make purchases

The main payment funds are bitcoins, you can also use anonymous Kiwi wallets. It is bitcoins that pay for goods and services on the hydra website, as they guarantee complete anonymity, both to the buyer and the seller.

You can buy bitcoins directly on the Hydra website, there is an exchanger. In addition, you can buy bitcoins on special crypto exchanges, find them will not be difficult. To buy bitcoins, choose an exchange, deposit money into an account, buy bitcoins at the exchange rate, and then transfer them from the exchange to Hydra's account.

Bitcoins – why them?

To do this, the marketplace account must copy the number of your bitcoin wallet, and specify it as the recipient when transferring BTC from Hydra. Once the bill is recharged, you need to choose a reliable store on the hydra.

Each store on Hydra has its own rating, which depends on the number of transactions, customer feedback, quality checks, store history and other factors. For a large wholesale purchase, you need to choose a store with the highest rating, positive reviews and rich history.

If such a store is found, then you can prepare for the deal, the risks are minimal. For additional insurance, you can use the services of a guarantor, that is, your transaction will be conducted by one of the moderators of the marketplace, for this you will need to pay a certain percentage of the transaction.

Choosing a store, you can pick up the goods and agree to buy in the volume you need. After you transfer the money to a special account, the seller will tell you the coordinates on which the item is located.

Picking up the goods

All you have left is to pick him up. If you come to the place, and the goods will not be, thanks to a guaranteed deal you can always challenge the transfer of funds to the store for the unfinished goods. To do this, you will need to provide evidence to the moderator: photos, videos, etc.

So, to make a successful purchase you need to go to the hydra site using a secure connection, register, top up the account, buy and transfer to the account of bitcoins. The most important thing is to find a reliable store, then agree to buy, and taking advantage of a guaranteed deal (for greater reliability) to buy the goods you need. As you can see, it's pretty simple.