Working for Hydra is a great opportunity for those who want to earn serious money for doing business. Many people know that hydra is the largest marketplace, where you can buy a variety of goods and services, for which you can get under criminal prosecution. But this does not mean that all vacancies submitted to Hydra are criminal in nature.

What vacancies there are on Hydra

An example is a number of common professions that are in demand for Hydra:

  • Programmers;
  • Web designers;
  • Call center operators;
  • Freelancers of "of all stripes" etc.

Despite the fact that the user will have to work with "criminal elements", when applying for a job, he will not have to share his personal data. Like the employer, the potential employee will retain his anonymity, all calculations will be made in bitcoins, which will not allow (even if strong desire) interested parties to track down the recipient of funds.

Working conditions on Hydra

If you are eager to earn a lot and in the shortest possible time, you can get a job as a chemist, treasure trove or courier, making, transporting or making bookmarks person.

Income of such "employees" can fluctuate in the range of 80-250 thousand rubles per month – everything will depend on the activity of the employee. Many fear that it will be impossible to refuse such work when contacting drugs, but it is not. The employee works on a free schedule and, if he wishes, can safely stop working.

Chemists and treasure trovemen – who are they?

For a potential dealer, a hoardman or chemist will not pose any danger, because all their communication takes place through Telegram, and they are never seen in real life. The employee receives a "salary" in bitcoins, which are transferred to his account on Hydra. They can be easily withdrawn and transferred to your account through various exchanges, with a small commission.

Thanks to such opportunities, on Hydra you can find vacancies "under yourself" by choosing a legal or illegal way of earning serious money. Specialists of the Hydra site monitor the quality of service, so you can not be afraid that the potential employer will "throw you" without consequences.


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