If you decide to make your first purchase on the Hydra trading floor, you will need cryptocurrency. Bitcoins were chosen by Hydra specialists not by chance – the fact is that such transactions between the seller and the buyer can not be traced, and therefore both the buyer and the seller will retain their anonymity.

Getting Bitcoins on Hydra

This option is important, because on Hydra users can buy thousands of prohibited goods, starting with drugs, and ending with forged documents.

Many users store their savings on electronic wallets. The electronic payment system Yandex.Money is particularly popular lately. With it, you can make purchases, get cashback and points, which are subsequently converted into rubles and can be spent for various purposes. If the client's money is stored on Yandex.money, but it was urgent to get bitcoins – it's okay!

Online exchangers

On the Internet, there are many exchangers willing to accept Russian rubles from the Payment System Yandex, and exchange them for bitcoins (BTC) at a favorable rate. Among the reliable exchanges with a low transfer fee, we can distinguish:

  • Makoli;
  • WW Pay;
  • Multival;
  • Mine;
  • NetEx24;
  • Cass, et al.

Each of the exchanges represented in the list has an impeccable reputation, saying that the creators of the "currency exchange point" honestly work in the market and do not deceive their customers. To receive from exchangers various "buds" in the form of discounts, favorable interest offers, etc., it is recommended to register for some of them.

Summing up

This will allow you to get profitable offers, quickly change rubles in bitcoins and make purchases of goods and services on Hydra, spending a few minutes on all actions. It is very convenient to work with exchangers – specialists specifically for users have simplified the interface and menu, allowing to exchange money for BTC in a matter of seconds. All that will remain the user, enter the personal office on Hydra and top up your account.