Using magnets to pass drugs to a buyer is a common way to send "packages" from the Hydra website. The magnet is a bookmark, in which in addition to the narcotic substance is installed a small magnet, which allows to attach the bookmark to any metal surfaces.

Search and remove the magnet

On the Hydra marketplace, many sellers use this method of transferring goods, and there is an explanation for this:

  • Using a magnet, the mortgager (the courier delivering the parcel) will not have to look for a prominent place, bury there bundles and "shine" in front of possible witnesses;
  • The courier can simply "click" the parcel to the back of the mailbox, quickly taking pictures of the goods and dropping the coordinates to the dealer and the customer;
  • Finding and picking up such a parcel is much easier than running through forests and fields, looking for goods from Hydra.

It is noteworthy that during the transaction with the seller, the client never meets with the courier and communicates with him remotely. Thanks to this approach, the occurrence of risks is minimal – the client will never recognize the courier from the hydra site in case of force majeure, as he did.

What you need to know about magnets

It is necessary to understand a simple truth – the courier from the trading platform Hydra will never set the magnet in a prominent place. Despite this, the bookmark will be easily accessible and can be easily removed with a simple hand movement. Precautions are required to ensure that your product is not attacked by "gentlemen of luck" who are the same consumers as the Hydra customer, but without money or access to reliable delivery channels.

The use of the magnet allows the courier to secure the bookmark to any metal object without unnecessary risk, hiding it from the eye of strangers. To hide the goods from Hydra in this way, the courier does not need to look for pebbles, bumps or other items. As a result, the customer receives the desired product, while the dealer gets his money. This method is reliable by 95-98%.


It is difficult for fans to search for bookmarks because of the unpredictability of the places of its attachment. Collaboration with stores that leave goods on a magnet can last for many years.

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