Hydra is the largest marketplace in Russia and CIS countries, where you can buy absolutely everything that is prohibited for sale, from drugs to weapons and forged documents.

Hydra – what do specialists offer?

High-quality service, round-the-clock customer service and convenient functionality have made Hydra the no.1 site for the sale of goods of all stripes. But, many new buyers are interested in the question – how out of several thousand sellers to choose a reliable supplier of goods, which will not be lost with money and will actually deliver the order in the specified time frame?

Shops on Hydra

In this matter Hydra has moved far ahead and is in no way inferior to such service as Amazon or AliExpress. What does Hydra offer to find a reliable seller? We offer to consider the features of the service:

  • Each seller rents a trading floor for a shop where he can sell his goods to customers;
  • When visiting the store, the user sees not only the range of products, but also the average rating of the store by other users and their comments;
  • Hydra specialists independently check stores in an arbitrary manner – the quality of the goods is evaluated, its compliance with the stated characteristics, delivery, speed of delivery. If the seller deceives his customers and "throws" on the money, his days are numbered. Hydra will block the store forever and will not give the seller the opportunity to trade on the sites (the money customers return).

Thanks to this approach, the user does not have to act at random and choose the seller by the method of "poke." In the event of problems with receiving an order or with deception, the user can always turn to hydra specialists, who will create arbitration, become an observer of the dispute and as soon as possible will give their verdict in favor of one of the parties (usually the client's rights).


Sellers come and go, and customers remain – it is on this principle works Hydra, which appreciates every customer of the trading platform, who wants to buy a product that does not fall within the framework of the current legislation.