WayaWay is one of the oldest marketplaces in the ru zone, which was loved by users for quality service, honesty, reliable data encryption and cooperation with proven sellers.

Hydra Activity and Consumer Suppression

Many were upset by the fact that the site, after 9 years of successful work, unfortunately, closed. The administration of the site did not make loud statements and did not explain why it took such a step. But, among users there are a number of versions:

  • The trading floor could not withstand numerous DDoS attacks;
  • WayaWay was simply bought by representatives of the Hydra website;
  • Specialists were "pressed" by the special services;
  • We could not compete with RAMP and then with Hydra.

The closure of the platform was reported in an official letter on the site and almost immediately closed registration for new users. Immediately talked about the second version of the proposed list (about the sale of the site Hydra), because the administrators of WayaWay offered all sellers and customers to switch to Hydra.

How do sellers act on Hydra?

All sellers can not only move their stores to a new site, but also without problems to extend the lease agreement. At the same time, in order to reduce the activity of their site, experts completely banned new deals and removed the guarantor – thus, the moderators removed themselves from the obligations of customer and sellers support.

For fans of table, all the archives of the marketplace will be preserved on Hydra. They are available at any time. Sellers who moved to Hydra, continue to sell products in a regular mode, under a similar scheme.

According to experts, such a move allowed one of the oldest stores to strengthen its position in the market, keeping its activities under the auspices of a stronger competitor. Apparently, the administrators of WayaWay continue to work in the state of Hydra, exchanging their invaluable experience with other professionals, continuing to earn a stable income.

Summing up

All customers and sellers of the store will be able to enjoy quality service and support already on Hydra, without losing a penny from their accounts and ordering quality goods and services. Compared to RAMP, WayaWay specialists did not leave a negative impression and "went away beautifully".