The HydraStore is the largest trading platform that allows ordinary users to purchase goods and services that can face serious problems for their use, storage and sale. Despite this fact, the Hydra site has been operating for more than 5 years and continues to develop successfully, "capturing" more and more countries under its "wing".

How to work with shops – functional

For the first time, once on the trading platform Hydra, the customer of the marketplace can be surprised – convenient functionality, clear interface, many interesting "chips" that make the site a head above some other projects. For example, one of these "chips" is the sorting of stores by popularity. It is noteworthy that this place is impossible to buy in order to promote your product – you will have to act honestly, effectively and sell only high-quality goods. That's the only way you can promote your store.

How do I find information on Hydra?

The second and no less attractive fact is the presence of a search system. In the search bar, you can find a store by name, or just choose a group of goods and services that interests you. Even if you choose a subcategory, the site will automatically show the best stores in a particular group, according to reviews and estimates. It is noteworthy that all reviews about a particular trader are not edited, they can not be screwed, etc., as these actions will cause severe sanctions on the part of Hydra.

Shopping on hydra

They are charged with bitcoins, but everything goes like in a normal online store. The customer chooses the store, studies the goods and prices (each product has a card with a description and price), makes a purchase or goes to another store. If desired, any customer of the store Hydra can write to the seller directly and ask him questions about delivery, product quality, etc. Hydra, to ensure safety, controls all transactions and in case of problems, always ready to come to the customer's aid.