The Hydra website is the largest marketplace operating in Russia and CIS countries. Thousands of traders work on the site, selling drugs, weapons, forged documents, etc. regardless of what goods will be ordered on the Hydra trading floor, the user is required to receive the goods for which the cryptocurrency was paid.

How to get goods on Hydra?

There is a fair question – how to get the goods, if the site Hydra operates in the Darknet and simply can not send orders by simple mail and couriers?

Merchants have developed their own methods of delivering their products, which allow not to attract the attention of the public and law enforcement agencies. For example, if a customer ordered a narcotic substance, it can be passed to him in the form of:

  • Clada;
  • Magnet;
  • Bookmarks.

Each of the ways of transferring goods from Hydra is good in its own way, and here's why:

  • The treasure is the best way to hide the drug in the ground. Such a parcel from the Hydra site can be transmitted both within the city limits and behind it. Usually, the cache is equipped in the ground, disguised, photographed and the client receives his coordinates in Telegram;
  • Magnet is a relatively new way to set up bookmarks. It can be fixed to any metal surface, which will reduce the risks of its loss at times. The customer also receives photos and coordinates of the place;
  • Bookmarking is the easiest and most common way to hide and pass the goods to the customer. In this case, the bundle of drugs hides in an inconspicuous but accessible place, his photo is taken and the customer is sent the coordinates of the place. It is not difficult to pick up such a bundle.

If the parcel was not on the spot after arriving at the place of receipt of the goods, it is not necessary to curse the seller. Maybe the goods were just stolen. This requires entering the Hydra, writing a claim to the administration of the site and detailing the situation, attaching photos and video evidence.

Summing up

For convenience, customers can leave reviews about each seller, which will help to find a verified store that will not set up at the most inopportune moment. Hydra does not throw visitors to the site and tries to understand all the controversial situations.