Hydra onion site

It is a huge shopping area hydra, where there are about 3000 shops every day, and there are tens of thousands of customers. Due to the specificity of the products, the security of users' information and their anonymity comes first. Many users fear for their personal information and the state of their personal account. In view of such requests, the project administration has created a two-factor authentication, allowing to protect the personal office from hacking.

How does it work?

To set up two-factor authentication on Hydra, the user will have to click on the tick in the top right corner of the site, near his nickname. The list of options will be opened, among which you need to choose the eponymous section of the Site Administration offers the following types of verification:

  • Identity confirmation using the Authy app or Google Authenticator. These programs will create arbitrary check codes (type of capti) that will come to the specified number when you log on to Hydra. Applications such as hydra's are operating in air mode;
  • PGP identity confirmation. This option allows you to protect your account by key. The program generates it itself, after which you will need to enter it in the settings of the account.

It's notable that Google services and other apps won't have access to your account, and they won't recognize the fact that you're entering Hydra. This approach allows you to secure your personal data on the trading floor and additional measures to protect your account in bitcoins.

Hydra Services

Constantly improving, and with each update, developers add new tools that open up new opportunities for users. Hydra functions as a classic online store like Amazon, but you can buy products and services that are not available to the average consumer. This approach makes the hydra job safe. Hydra administration always goes to meet its customers and makes its settings and services intuitive even to people far from the Internet.

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