Until recently, the largest marketplace of the shadow Internet was the site RAMP, the lion's share of transactions on the sale of illegal goods and services accounted for it. At the same time, the hydra marketplace appeared in 2015 no different from all other stores.

Rumors about Hydra

However, over the following years the site became super-popular, the reasons for this are several. First, the marketplace has established processes of conduct of transactions, made them safer. In addition, the administration of the marketplace began to make the right purchases from stores, the main task of such procedures was to improve the quality of the products sold.

If the store sells a product of poor quality it can not only issue a warning, downgrade and write a negative review, but also close.

Introduction of a guaranteed transaction system

The anonymity of the sale with the help of cryptocurrencies, the system of reviews and ratings, correct purchases and the improvement of the quality of products sold by stores, coupled with the decline in prices has brought the hydra marketplace to the same level with RAMP in 4 years.

However, there are other opinions. Some believe that the marketplace was actively promoted by the Russian special services, it was done in order to eventually control the entire market of illegal products and services sold in Russia. Further proof of this is that in the end the marketplace RAMP simply disappeared. Thousands of customers have been left without money, and many think that hydra is to blame, as this marketplace is the main beneficiary of the disappearance of RAMP.

Hydra Monopoly

Hydra onion has become a virtual monopolist, today there are billions of turnovers. To create such a platform is incredibly difficult, it is necessary to invest a lot of money, to have a staff of specialists, many think that the hydra was created by the special services. Does hydra give it to its customers?

No one knows for sure, it is possible that the administration of the marketplace surrenders clients even without being an organization of special services, because it is possible to get rid of undesirable people and potential competitors. The fact that any customer, manufacturer or store owner sooner or later will not "accept" you does not guarantee anyone. Therefore, it is important to always remember, buying illegal products is always a risk!