Hydra Site Thor is the largest project in the entire post-Soviet space, which opens access to the goods and services of the "grey market", with all transactions safe and anonymous.

Hydra site Thor is a trading platform where anyone can buy goods such as PAW, medicines, laboratory equipment, designers, various documents, etc., without fear that his identity will be revealed. Thanks to the high safety requirements and quality services, working with Hydro is pleasant and comfortable.

Tor browser – installation and operation of the program

To get to the official Hydra website, the user will need to pre-load and install the Thor program, which can be used to get into the Darknet. You can do this on the following scheme:

  • It is necessary to find the official Site of the Tor program, which is in the public domain in a simple browser;
  • We download the program for a suitable device and operating system;
  • Open the downloaded file and start the installation process, not forgetting to pre-select the Russian language of the interface;
  • Open the browser and through the search engine of the program we find the site Hydra.

In order not to make a mistake and really get to the resource you are looking for, you can find the site at hydraruzxpnew4af.onion. This address functions only in the Tor browser – in other programs the site is impossible to open. This program allows not only to work in the Darknet, but also protects the personal information of the user "onion" encryption system. This allows you to make safe purchases without fear that the actions of Hydra's client will attract the attention of law enforcement.

Customer safety on Hydra

The topic of security of transactions and data protection of customers of the Hydra trading platform is one of the most frequently discussed on the network. However, it is worth explaining that the main factor of data loss and hacking of personal pages is the credulity and inattention of the users of the network. In addition to the official link of the site, Hydra administrators use and keep additional mirrors running smoothly around the clock. This measure allows you to bypass the locks and ensure constant access to the right goods.