Hydra trading floor – a well-known platform with which you can trade and buy a variety of prohibited drugs, drugs, weapons, forged documents, etc.

Searching for a magnet – how to act correctly?

The most popular drugs on Hydra are narcotic substances, as evidenced by the number of "themed" shops and sellers in Russia and CIS countries.

The main question for each customer – how is the delivery of "messages" from the site Hydra, because they can not be sent by simple mail? And to send money to unknown to whom, in the hope that the seller conscientious and honest will complete the transaction, will not everyone.

Deals on Hydra

Let's start with the fact that all transactions on Hydra Thor go through the security service and until the transaction is completed will "hang" on the service, and will not get to the seller until the customer receives the goods. In addition, Hydra has a customer support service that will help resolve disputes through arbitration, and help to recover money in case of deception. Hydra service is interested in all customers to remain satisfied with the functionality, and without regret remove irresponsible and not honest sellers.

The second and no less important question – how to find a bookmark, if the seller hid it with a magnet? If you honestly purchased the drug from the seller, then you should not be afraid. Each responsible trade representative in Hydra operates under the following scheme:

  • Receives order and money;
  • Looking for a courier in the city of the client and passes it to him;
  • The courier puts the "magnet" in an inconspicuous but accessible place;
  • After that, the client receives detailed information, photos and coordinates of the drug's location.

Arriving and taking the goods, the user is required to report to the customer that the product has been received and there are no claims. Otherwise, there may be problems with arbitration – the money can be transferred to the customer's account, even without litigation.


Usually, the bookmark on the magnet "hides" behind the drain pipes, ebbs, windowsills, behind mailboxes, poles, etc. It is worth considering that they are all located in an accessible place and they can be easily extracted.

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